Audi A4 Launch Campaign

This is what you see! This is what
you feel!

In November of 2015 Audi Denmark launches the new Audi A4. The global campaign message is: This is what you see! This is what you feel! Digitally Audi Denmark wants to engage their targets with emails and a website that ooze of the brand pay-off: Vorsprung durch Technik.

Campaign goals

Qualify 2.000 leads via dynamic email flow + related campaign website

Campaign results

3.600 total online sign ups
Test drive bookings up
239% up from 2014


Men & Women 50+
Income above average
Ambitious & determined
Quality conscious
Interest in technology

Tailored intensity

Seamless experience across platforms
Ambitious responsive solution Dynamic graphical transitions Intense visual cues Intelligent & intuitive navigation

Experience website


Behaviour triggered email flow
4 separate email bursts,
3 bursts with curated content based on click behaviour and 13 email content pieces related to website content

Data Juggling

Performance of 1st campaign email

  • 1.987 recipients Only 2.97 % bounced
  • 1.569 unique opens 28.1% click through rate
  • 3.990 total opens to date On average 2.5 times/recipient